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Nouvo Gen 3 and 4

One of the most popular hire bikes for both tourists and Expats. Fully automatic, comfortable and reliable.

Gen 3 - 108 cc auto 

Gen 4 - 132 cc engine with improved transmission and design.

These bikes are ideal as a 'daily commuter' around the city for both new and experienced riders.

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2013 - 2015 Air Blade

Honda's flagship automatic bike!

These are a zippy Fuel Injected motor. Comfortable and manoeuvrable, we only stock later model bikes.

Available for longer term monthly rental

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The earliest ones of these Ive seen here are 2009 and they have 110cc engines. In 2013 we started to see the water cooled 125cc versions and a big surge in popularity. On the positive side they have a smooth, strong power delvery, loads of under seat storage, a big wide floor space and a low seat height. In short seen as ideal for the family shopping vehicle. For me the down side is the smaller wheel circumference. The tyre is wider than many scooters so braking efficiency is still pretty good but the handling on our less than perfect road surfaces here and particularly in flood water can be an issue. Also for smaller ladies a bit of a lump to manouver in and out of parking. All in all though a good practical bike.

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Generally preferred as a commuter/ll at least by less experienced riders. Front and rear brakes both on the handlebars and its basically twist the throttle and away you go. I've been riding and racing all of my adult life and still have an auto for short local commuting.




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