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Da Nang - Ha Noi

$600* USD. Honda XR 150L (full manual)

$540* USD. Honda 125ccFi (semi-auto)

Prices include:

  • Trevor Long as guide

  • Extra guide on numbers

  • Motorcycle hire

  • Motorcycle maintenance

  • Motorcycle transfers

  • LS2 Pioneer touring helmet

  • Fuel

  • Tour polo shirt

Friday, July 12th:

Danang - Khe Sanh

This is our biggest day of the month in terms of distance. We will get away early, 7am latest. Out of town and over Vietnam's most famous road, the Hai Van Pass to Hue for brunch. In the case of poor weather we will take a brand new inland route which is from first reports a great ride also. Not yet on Google maps but we'll find it. In the afternoon we follow a lovely river system to Khe Sanh. Either way it will be a riding day to remember!


Saturday, July 13th:

Khe Sanh - Rinh Rinh

This morning we visit the US Military Combat Base museum. The site of one of the Vietnam war's most epic battles. Big brunch in Khe Sanh before getting on the road. Good idea to throw a snack in your pack as today we are as remote as Vietnam gets in terms of services anyway. Many consider today's ride one of the best mountain roads in the highlands. If you like corners you'll love today.


Sunday, July 14th

Rinh Rinh - Phong Nha

Today is great riding but also a chance to explore Phong Nha caves and the Phong Nha botanic gardens. This is very near the worlds largest cave system Hang Son Doong but it's not accessible by road and very much by appointment only so we might have to give that one a miss.


Monday, July 15th:

Phong Nha - Ha Rinh Relatively relaxed day today. The chance for a sleep in if we're a bit tired after the caves and some good walks. Still in the mountains for the day but maybe the last for a while. The choice to do some coast tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 16th:

Ha Tinh - Thai Hoa

Today we have some choices depending on how the group is feeling. We can do just 140km reasonably direct with a beach visit, or up to 200k if you are still loving the mountains. Either way, we'll be staying off the main highway.

Wednesday, July 17th:

Thai Hoa - Ninh Binh

Again quite a few options we can discuss as a group as to our chosen route. If it's my call though a pretty solid ride and a beautiful end to the day coming into Ninh Binh from the East through a plethora of monoliths.

Friday, July 18th

Free Day You have to take a day in this place. Many of the bike tours to choose from. We will look at the options and book a few days ahead to be sure everyone gets to experience the beauty of Ninh Binh.

Thursday, July 19th

Ninh Binh - Hanoi 

No need to get away too early today. A nice ride or as nice as you can get riding into the capital. We stick to minority roads away from the traffic as much as possible. Aim to be in by 3 pm before the rush. Drop the bikes for those not traveling on and settle into our accommodation before a celebratory dinner to finish what will have been an epic journey.





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*Prices do not include Food, beverage & accommodation. As a group, we stay in clean, cheap accommodation generally around $10-$15 a night. As a group, we have local food mostly as that is all that is on offer outside of cities. Expect $1-$3 a meal. In cities, more expensive options will be available of course. Personal connections, entrance fees etc also not included.
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