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Ha Noi - Ha Noi

Sunday, July 21st: Free Day Some will leave and others join today. A farewell breakfast and a welcome dinner with some sightseeing or pool time in between. A walk around the lake or the Old Quarter might be a nice finish to the day.


Monday, July 22nd: Hanoi to Ninh Binh No hurry to get away today. Let the crazies get to work and look to get on the road around 10 am. Only about 100km to Ninh Binh but that's not the way we'll be going. Lunch on the water and a relaxed ride in on secondary roads to help get everyone comfortable on the bikes.


Tuesday, July 23rd: Free Day There are various day tours available here on or off the water. Each to their own. Absolutely beautiful area.


Wednesday, July 24th Ninh Binh - Pu Luong This is when the great riding starts. We'll pass by literally hundreds of monoliths before getting into some beautiful ranges and valleys. For some it will be the most amazing country they've ever seen and can't believe you when you say, it's just going to get better. The view from our longhouse style accommodation here is incredible so long as the cloud lifts. A night swim in the infinity pool is pretty special.

Thursday, July 25th: Pu Luong - Ta Xua First consciousness around dawn and a peek outside to make sure it wasn't all a dream. The morning ride is in the valley with mountain scenery that has to be seen to be believed. Just a great days ride and into Ta Xua for what will be an early night for the adventurous ones.


Friday, July 26th; Ta Xua - Son La I've had literally hundreds of trips and thousands of riding days over the years and today is one of those special ones you take to your grave. The morning ride is up a mountain range most of which may well be above the cloud line as we make our way to the dinosaur spine. For those who choose to tackle it, one of the best and most challenging rides in Vietnam. It's not that an amazing skill set is required but if you get it wrong the consequences may be quite severe. "This is optional" If you decide against it the ride to and from is awesome in any case. The views and photo opportunities for those who choose to walk it is reward enough. Off to Son La and a night just reliving the day.


Saturday, July 27th: Son La - SaPa The morning ride we are on the tracks less traveled following some lovely streams to our lunch stop where we hook into the QL32 for the afternoon ride into Sa Pa. This whole day is basically a photographer's wet dream. If we stop for half of the beauty we'd like to photograph we simply won't make the night stop. Few lovely ranges and valleys including Fansipan Mountain.


Sunday, July 28th: Free Day Sapa is famous for trekking though minority Mong villages so we have a free day to take that opportunity. No shortage of local villagers who for a reasonable fee will guide you. I remember this place fondly many years ago as a quaint small town. It's quite vibrant now and we are spoilt for choice with food options which after being remote of western food for a while makes a nice change.

Monday, July 29th: Sapa- Bac Ha This is a short day by design as we tend to party a bit in SaPa. No need to get away early. A short ride to Lao Cai on the China border just to say we've been there and then some great mountain paths on our way to Bac Ha. Our accommodation here is on the lake and the views from it quite special. A nice area to take an evening walk after dinner or early morning for a local coffee.


Tuesday, July 30th: Bac Ha - Ha Giang What a day this is! The morning run to lunch is a great minority road over ranges and following river systems through valleys. In the afternoon we have some options depending on how everyone is feeling. Either way a fantastic riding day AGAIN.


Wednesday, July 31st: Ha Giang - Meo Vac Today I think you'll be completely blown away by what you see. You just won't think the last few days could be topped but they are. Ha Giang province is just amazing in so many ways and it's easy to see why many come to grief up here careless or unguided. Today is a day to keep your wits about you and ride well inside your comfort zone. There are options to go around some of the tricky stuff so everyone is comfortable. I certainly wouldn't want less experienced riders on some of today's options. Today is the wonder that is mountain motorcycling.


Thursday, August 1st: Meo Vac - Ban Gioc We are on a tourist route today so as much as possible we deviate to minority roads. I hate buses!! The 85 odd kilometers from Cao Bang to the waterfall is open winding mountain road and one of the times I wish I was on my Ducati.


Friday, August 2nd: Ban Gioc - Ba Be Lakes We explore the waterfall after breakfast. Just so you know there's no swimming at the waterfall but some rules are made to be broken. Easy run then back through Cao Bang and on to a national park where we stay on a beautiful lakes system.


Saturday, August 3rd: Free Day As the tour is drawing to an end we have our last free day here. There's no shortage of operators who will take us on the lake for the day. Perfect swimming, fishing, and caves to visit by boat. There's a waterfall too but it does fall a bit short after Ban Gioc. Tonight we can party and celebrate our last night together as an easy run into the capital tomorrow.


Sunday, August 4th: Ba Be Lakes - Hanoi All good things come to an end but for some who may not have already had the motorcycle touring bug this may feel like a new beginning, We will have ridden around 2250 kilometers through what is quite simply motorcycle heaven. If you want to be a part of this one or another one let me know. Always keen to go exploring.

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$900* USD. Honda XR 150L (full manual)

$790* USD. Honda 125ccFi (semi-auto)

Prices include:

  • Trevor Long as guide

  • Extra guide on numbers

  • Motorcycle hire

  • Motorcycle maintenance

  • Motorcycle transfers

  • LS2 Pioneer touring helmet

  • Fuel

  • Tour polo shirt

*Prices do not include Food, beverage & accommodation. As a group, we stay in clean, cheap accommodation generally around $10-$15 a night. As a group, we have local food mostly as that is all that is on offer outside of cities. Expect $1-$3 a meal. In cities, more expensive options will be available of course. Personal connections, entrance fees etc also not included.
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