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Nha Trang - Da Nang

$300* USD. Honda XR 150L (full manual)

$260* USD. Honda 125ccFi (semi-auto)

Prices include:

  • Trevor Long as guide

  • Extra guide on numbers

  • Motorcycle hire

  • Motorcycle maintenance

  • Motorcycle transfers

  • LS2 Pioneer touring helmet

  • Fuel

  • Tour polo shirt

Sunday, July 7th

Nha Trang - Quy Nhon
Two route options today. The absolute coast road has some nice sections but it does mean some highway which I hate. Depending on weather and the group we would sometimes choose to go inland. A bit further but less exposed. Our host in Quy Nhon is Reece James who hails from the same area as me in Australia and runs the Quy Nhon Sports Bar. Accommodation however again based on weather may well be beach bungalows.

Monday, July 8th

Quy Ngon - Quang Ngai
Again a bit reliant on weather but all being well we stick to the beach and some swimming opportunities in pristine water. Seafood restaurant for lunch then on to our night stop on a huge estuary system. No shortage of great local eateries here to enjoy the seafood and produce of the area.

Tuesday, July 9th 

Quang Ngai - Hoi An
We continue up the Coast in the morning but cut in on local tracks through farmland before crossing back and over a huge bridge which takes us to our night stop near Hoi An. You have some options here to explore Hoi An by night as the next day while spectacular from a scenery perspective puts us under no time pressure to get away too early.


Wednesday, July 10th:

Hoi An - Danang
We are headed to Ba Na Hills to round out the ride before our night stop in Danang and some sundowners overlooking the spectacular Dragon Bridge after nightfall.

Thursday, July 11th 

Free Day no shortage of entertainment in Vietnam's third biggest city and many would boast most beautiful. Say goodbye to those leaving and welcome our new mates coming to Hanoi for the next leg.


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*Prices do not include Food, beverage & accommodation. As a group, we stay in clean, cheap accommodation generally around $10-$15 a night. As a group, we have local food mostly as that is all that is on offer outside of cities. Expect $1-$3 a meal. In cities, more expensive options will be available of course. Personal connections, entrance fees etc also not included.
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