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ABS brakeing. A tongue in cheek explanation.

Many customers looking for a bike absolutely demand ABS brakes. As pretty much all road bikes and most upper end commuters these days at least option it, though usually at a premium, price wise, its easy to accommodate their request.

Next due to the extra cost on a new scoot comes the question, is it worth it?

Well not if you know how to properly load a tyre to use your brakes effectively but having said that to indemnify myself I will add in an emergency situation it will help most and i believe that to be true.

If ABS was more effective though the most advanced race bikes on the planet would have it and simply they don't! It like many other advancements in the name of safety is a feature to minimise rider error which in fairness mostly does minimise risk.

So what effect do those perforated wheels and sensors have actually?

I loved this photo below i saw today to explain that the best in laymans terms. Brilliant!!

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