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Air Cushion Seat Pad

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Had the pleasure of living on this thing ten of the last eleven days. Always thought I might try one but until a little slip on some pool tiles and a bruised backside had no call to action.

Are they worth it? Yes definitely but for some more than others.

On an adventure bike or sports tourer you can get on your feet for the rough stuff and manage your comfort a little but on anything with forward controls and for pillion riders these would have to be the best thing ever touring here.

Similarly anyone doing decent days on a dirt bike would benefit greatly. You can be on your feet a lot off road for sure but most have seats like a fence rail so brilliant for the transit legs.

I found with the extra comfort it made me a bit lazy on my 310 GS. I was sitting through stretches that I would ordinarily be standing. Similarly didn't move my bodyweight as much on the bike so noticed myself applying a little more peg weight when riding spiritedly in the mountains. Used a bit more of the tyre too.

At 600k for a good quality one I think most riders regardless of their steed would see these as great value.

Comes in a bag with a little inflation pump which you really dont need and straps to secure it firmly. The pimpled bottom side grips the seat so no movement whatsoever.

My current bike is particularly comfortable but I'll never leave on a decent multi day ride again without one.

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