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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

In these unprecedented times I thought I'd share some information to help maintain the reliability of your motorcycle or scooter.

When a bike is left idle a few issues can manifest and result in unnecessary expense and or inconvenience if not addressed.

SHORT TERM the batteries here are reasonably cheap but do not hold charge well. The easy fix for that is to start and run the bike for around 5 minutes every other day. This also runs some oil through the engine to keep it lubricated. If that is not possible remove the battery and have it charged before you resume riding. Happy for you to drop your battery to us for charging or we have cheap, automatic shut off chargers for convenience.

MEDIUM TERM the tyres can lose pressure. If they flatten completely then obviously that's a massive inconvenience as riding to a mechanic when the time to resume commuting comes will most likely ruin the tyre and result in the expense to replace. Check your tyres before riding as an underinflated tyre can be a serious safety issue. We do have numerous pump options if anyone wants to manage this.

LONG TERM in addition to the above theres a bit to attend to if storing your bike to return home. Clean the bike thoroughly and make sure its completely dry.

The fuel system can create numerous issues. Fill the bike with fuel and add the correct measure of Fuel Stabilizer. Run the fuel with Stabilizer through the system for a few minutes and that will also prepare the fuel system as well as protecting the tank from rust.

On start up with carburetted bikes the fuel may have dried in the fuel bowl. If the engine is winding but not firing stop winding and flick the throttle full open and full close several times. This will bring fresh fuel into the bowl. On injected bikes winding is generally sufficient with just a small amount of throttle.

If the engine oil is not new change it and again running that through the engine will help prevent corrosion long term. If very long term (more than 3 months) I'd recommend fogging the engine. This is a spray oil used through the air intake to stall the engine on shutdown.

Spray the engine and metal components with a spray lube. Put the bike on its centre stand to take the weight off the tyres and cover it. Some rat bait strategically placed that only a rat can get to so they feast on that rather than your wiring and you're done.

I hope this helps you keep your bike well maintained and servicable.

Be safe. Ride safe.

Trevor Long


Saigon Motorcycles

36 Quoc Huong, Thao Dien, D2, HCMC

21 Le Van Thiem, PMH, D7, HCMC

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