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ECE Rated Kids Lids soon!!

Some fantastic and long awaited news for us and the children of Vietnam!!

Since long before I'd even thought of starting a motorcycle business here I started Kids Lids, a charity to help get children in appropriate helmets. Fund raising proved a bandaid measure at best so we turned to education.

Since having the business I've had the platform and a little more credibility to meet with numerous key people around regulation and safety. Though everyone from the head of road safety to the chief brain surgeons all agree the current head protection is inadequate, maximum weight limits on helmets was the barrier to homologation regarding childrens helmets.

Those restrictions have now been rescinded and we expect to see ECE Rated full face children's helmets in store sometime in the second quarter this year. Just so pleased with this news, in itself, but also with the direction, understanding with authorities is headed.

This will be reflected on historically as a major step forward in the safety of children on motorcycles in this country and thanks to the many people involved to enact it.

Education for road and helmet safety in public schools is the next logical step towards regulating helmets for children but the option of availability is huge and a positive step toward authorities supporting that also.

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