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Lights, Horns & Mobile Phones

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

This, like many of my blogs, is aimed at new riders to Vietnam. Anyone here for a while if they've survived has probably picked up on most of it.


In Australia and I assume most Western countries if a driver flashes their headlights at you it is a courtesy which means one of two things. On a highway or country road they will be alerting you to a hazard ahead. Animals on the road, an accident situation or most likely a police radar. In an urban environment they will be saying I've seen you and are waiting to let you cross in front of them, let you into the flow of traffic or to give you space to park safely.

You need to understand it means exactly the opposite here. You will not be alerted of an accident or police in the country. In fact the accident hazard situation is accentuated by onlookers who will pull up in the only free space to pass on the road to take photos. If there is a broken down bus or truck a tree branch is placed on the road. Apparently they are more visible than the vehicle itself.

Where the danger lies for us here is that flashing the lights means "get out of m