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LS2 Verso Review

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

The new colour design of this classic from LS2 just in stock. I wanted to tag my review of the helmet to its release but see I hadn't written one for this model as yet so here it is.

Firstly I wear a full face helmet but make an exception around the city to test open face. I certainly understand people's choice at lower commuting speeds and if I were to wear an open face it would be this one.

ECE R22-05 rated, lightweight but strong KPA (kinetic polymer alloy) shell, metal clip, beautifully lined and ventilated and dual lens.

Both lens scratch and impact resistant. The inner tinted and UV protected. Comes with an interchangeable visor also so you might opt for that in dry season.

The side pods angle forward so when triangulated with the top this helmet offers very good face protection whilst maintaining full peripheral vision.

First released in 2017 this is a helmet they got absolutely right from day one and other than colour choice remains unchanged. In all aspects a top quality, well designed lid that you can be confident will do its job if called upon.

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