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Motorcycling Vietnam - Going Prepared

Motorcycling in Vietnam is not only spectacular for the natural beauty of the country, it's people and culture but also for the diversity of its terrain. Mostly mountainous with river and lake systems which create what we, as motorcyclists, crave. Awesome roads in quite often, remote areas. The climate is mostly ideal but can be very hot and humid at certain times of the year and in the high country quite cold so consideration should be given to packing for this dependent on your destination and time of year.

As good as all this is, like many other developing countries, new roads are constantly being developed to open up new areas particularly to farming. Existing roads upgraded and in mountain areas quite often land slides repaired.

All of this makes for a very interesting and satisfying experience for the adventure rider. Whether road touring where you will still find yourself on some very difficult sections or embarking on a full blown offroad experience theres a few basic guidelines you should follow for your safety and well being.