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Post Lockdown Riding

BIKE CHECK: If you read my Covid Lockdown blog you are probably right to jump on, fire her up and away you go after a few quick checks.

If just abandoned for weeks to months the two most likely problems you will encounter are a flat battery and or flat tyres.

FLAT BATTERY can be anything from inconvenient to an absolute drama depending on the bike and access to the battery. If your bike has a kick starter with the bike on the centre stand and key on a kick start might get you out of trouble.

For older carburreted bikes a few flicks open and shut on the throttle will bring some fuel down as over a long period of inactivity the fuel bowl will likely be dry. Just a little throttle on a fuel injected bike is generally sufficient. Once started a 15-20 minute ride is generally enough to recharge the battery, if not its a replacement.

A push start is another option for those with manual transmissions. Generally better with a friends help to reach the required speed observe the aforementioned throttle protocol and select 2nd or 3rd gear with the clutch in. Releasing quickly "dropping the clutch" will transfer energy from the rear tyre through the driveline to turn the engine over and most often start.

Some batteries are easily accessed and generally just a star "Phillips" head screwdriver all that required to remove it and off to a mechanic for charging or replacement. If your battery is under the seat and the seat release is powered, it's off with the front panel to activate it manually or off to the workshop.

FLAT TYRES again can just be inconvenient if you have your own pump or compressor. We have some cheap little electric pumps, pictured, 300k if needed. If completely flat do not ride on them. Most likely irreparable damage will require a replacement tyre if you choose to.

If the tyres aren't completely flat a careful and slow ride to a nearby workshop to have the correct pressure restored.

For most scooters 30-35 psi front and 35-40 psi rear will be within the acceptable pressure range.

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