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What's the best motorbike rental company in HCMC?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Why choose Saigon Motorcycles?

There are numerous options for rentals here but since the Covid beginnings many of the smaller companies have fallen away and even some of the larger outfits, particularly those previously focused on tourism have found themselves in decline with the lack of inbound travel.

With a fall in income we have sadly seen short cuts being taken in general and safety maintenance to cut costs by some as a result. I would rather shut the doors than compromise our reputation in this way.

Thankfully at Saigon Motorcycles we've built a large and loyal expat family of customers over the last seven years who have continued to support us through these challenging times.

By all means talk to everyone and check out their machinery and pricing to find your fit. If you don't speak Vietnamese take a local with good bike knowledge with you or it can be an unlucky dip.

I am Australian as is my front of shop staff making communication simple and effective. I am a lifetime motorcycle rider, racer and mechanic so I understand the machinery and how to use it. We are committed to our customers in terms of fairness, safety and service. A family business here for the long haul.

We have a wide range of options and we take pride in matching you to the correct bike, not just a bike. A discussion around your physical size, experience, intended use and budget are all determining factors in us getting that right. A suitable bike at a fair price, maintained correctly with no hidden costs!

Regardless if your looking for a long term city runabout for $1.50 a day or a fully kitted CB500X or BMW GS tourer for $60 a day I believe we offer the best bike for your money and an appropriate, safe helmet is included.

Other services we offer which add to our points of difference are:

Two fully stocked retail outlets in the two main expat areas, 36 Quoc Huong, Thao Dien, D2 and 21 Le Van Thiem, PMH, D7.

Touring services include both guided and detailed self guide itineraries.

Local knowledge and advice around the differences in traffic law and conditions to enhance your riding experience and safety around the city and country.

We also have a heartfelt sense of community, supporting under priviledged children in the poorer provinces and offering free road and helmet safety presentations to school, community and corporate groups.

For a no obligation discussion around how we can meet your specific needs please contact

Trevor Long


General Manager

Saigon Motorcycles

Gabrielle Connell


Office Manager