Good price, good seller! :)

September 07 2018

Anh Nguyen

they're beautiful products I'd ever seen before . Thank the owner for wonderful thing you did for me . Five stars *****

August 30 2018

Quyên Vũ

Great people! Good products at awesome prices.

August 13 2018

Ricky Pulido

Great People Great Service very honest

August 09 2018

Joseph Bright

Best service in the city. Reliable bike with affordable prices.

August 08 2018

Arkadiusz Lordoftheasia

Got a great bike from Trevor I am so happy with! Highly recommend his services and brilliant selection of children’s helmets!

April 24 2018

Gembob Bib

Superb service and help in buying my bike. Thank you!

April 24 2018

Amy Murphy

I recently purchased a bike from Trevor and the whole transaction was carried out at distance with me being in Dalat and Trevor in Saigon. Trevor responded promptly to all my questions and when I told him what I was after, he sent photos of what he had that fit the criteria I had laid out. On talking to Trevor I immediately sensed that I could rely on his honesty and integrity, and I wasn't wrong. My scooter was transported to Dalat and picking it up from the transport depot was hassle-free. The bike is exactly as described and portrayed in photos and I'm am so happy to be mobile. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Trevor and Saigon Motorcycles for quality and excellent service.

June 13 2018

Cheryl Archer

Great bloke who goes out of his way for anybody. Highly recommend

June 09 2018

Trent Cheetham

Owned by an expat Aussie that is a great lad

June 08 2018

Phat Dong

Judging by these reviews, looks like this is the best place to hire or purchase a motorbike in HCM.

June 08 2018

Harry Karistianos

June 09 2018

Addison Adz

The only place for all your motorbike needs

June 08 2018

Jesse Karistianos

Trev will look after all your motorbike needs

June 08 2018

Adam Zakharoff

I just bought an awesome 2017 Yamaha NVX for an awesome price! Trevor is honest, helpful, and gives you all the best advice that needs to be known in HCMC! He is also hooking me up with a specific paint job that I want. Can't beat that! I plan to have my bike serviced by him in the future as well. Thanks Trevor & wife!

June 07 2018

Aki Ogura

Great bikes and great service. Trevor and his wife have been fantastic and very helpful. I’ve rented tow bikes and I’ll be buying two bikes from them.

May 21 2018

Jonathon Cluff

My experience with Saigon Motorcycles has been nothing but pleasant. Unlike most shops, the staffs at Saigon Motorcycles are friendly and helpful. Their bikes are reasonably priced, fully registered and well cared for. Their customer service is fantastic! Trevor went above and beyond in helping me with bike checkups (this is AFTER I already bought the bike). It’s hard to find a used motorcycle dealership that is trustworthy in Vietnam. Saigon Motorcycles is the place to go to get your bikes in HCMC. Period.

April 17 2018

Minh Tran

It is right place to buy a god quality bike. Today bought a nice Honda vision for my wife, well folks I can say for sure it’s a great shop with nice and smart choice. Thank you Travor)))

April 01 2018

Andrew Andy Povazhny


March 31st

Kelvin Lee

Just recently purchased a bike from this shop, big thanks to Trevor for help! He is very helpful on all the questions, gives honest advice about various models of bikes, how to maintain them properly, hot to ride safely in VN (convincing buying a proper helmet, etc). Overall a great experience, best of luck to You guys!

March 28 2018

Rokas Ramoska

I bought an exciter 150 at a very reasonable price. Trevor and huong were really helpful and the transaction was easy with bill of sale etc. I'd definitely recommend.

March 20 2018

Steve Hill

Great place to get a bike I rented a bike from Trev back last year and been renting with him since. I finally purchased a bike through Trev top block will always ensure your satisfied and take care of you certainly the place to go if your looking for a trustworthy shop with great bikes.

March 20 2018

Brent William


March 15 2018

Hai Tran


March 15 2018

Kristian Svk Somogyi


January 22 2018

John Kerr

Couldn’t be more helpful. Trevor has given me lots of good advice. There are lot’s of dodgy motorbike operators around so it’s great to deal with somebody who is so straight up so that you know you’ll be getting a good bike with no surprises. And importantly they also sell proper international standard helmets.

December 7 2017

Craig Smith

Trevor went above and beyond with his help to find me a second hand bike. We discussed what I wanted and my budget, and he came back with a really nice and clean bike. I am really happy with my bike and feel confident that I won't be running into any problems with it anytime soon.

October 24 2017

Janna Mallon

I had a visit to Trevor's shop yesterday. I should say I have to agree with John Gillespie that I am really glad i did! Got a very professional advice on the motorbikes, helmets and how to get around in Ho Chi Minh. Ended up going back home with a nice and clean Yamaha Nuovo SX Gen 5 and a new helmet. I am sure i will come back to get another bike and helmets!

October 22 2017

Vytautas Jankauskas

Top quality service at reasonable prices!

June 01 2017

Andy Tivendale

Having trouble finding anyone even remotely close to the quality and service in Hanoi you guys offer in HCMC. Thanks for making my biking life so easy while I lived there.

May 31 2017

Beanke Jared Potgieter

If your a learner suses you out..asks your more experienced mates if u can do it. gives you a fair go.has his workers attends to the bikes if any issues.Anyone touring vietnam first time on a scooter go with saigon motocycles

May 18 2017

Michael Simon Kibanoff

If you ever need a motorbike in Saigon, or Vietnam, this is the place to go ;-) Trevor from Saigon Motorcycles is a very nice and friendly guy, and he gives a good service. He's very easy to negotiate a good and fair price with. And the bikes are in good condition, all with working brakes etc. I hired a bike for a month, to a very fair price, and I had no trouble with it on my trip round in the south and north of Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island, and back 'home' to Saigon via Cambodia. I give Trevor and Saigon Motorcycles my best recommendation. Kindly Torben (Tom) - from Denmark

April 11 2017

Torben Larson

We bought 2 bikes from them and we are very happy with the service. Shop got a good choice of bikes, helmets and accessories and the owner is not short of good advice. Thanks

April 08 2017

Jean-Baptiste Trichet

I was in a predicament. I own and use my motor bike everyday to commute to work and just my luck, it wouldn't start. If it wasn't for Trevor's fast response and problem solving abilities, I would not have made it to my classes. Within an hour of approaching him with my issue, he was able to provide me with a temporary bike to get to and from class, picked my bike up and took it to a reliable, trustworthy and inexpensive service/mechanic and now, the bike is as good as new! In less than a day, the bike was repaired, serviced and washed and I could not be more happy or thankful for his service.

March 23 2017

Erin EB

Trevor knows his stuff. A business with a Western business mentality who knows reputation will ensure business longevity, not the fast buck.

March 07 2017

Chris Lee

On a recent visit to Saigon I call into their shop to check it out and to gleam some advice. Glad I did. I didn't really know what was the best bike for me. Trevor sussed out my plans, needs and level of experience in SEA's traffic and gave some sound advice in regards to safety, practicality and efficiency. Bloody nice guy that knows bikes and the local "terrain" well. Cannot recommend highly enough. I had a great fun holiday and got home in one piece. Thanks so much. Will do business again next visit

March 07 2017

John Gillespie

man, any rental or purchase in saigon you run the risk of having to deal with an immense amount of bullshit. or go to trevor.

March 03 2017

Owen Scholl

Just picked up a great little Honda SCR. It runs like a dream. Best bike I have ridden in over 2 years in Saigon. Bought a safe helmet for very reasonable price too. Completely and thoroughly recommend for motorcycles and helmets.

January 20 2017

Jodes Patterson

Great service and knowledge from an Aussie guy that has riden motorcycles most of his life. Have been more than happy with the bike I bought, did a 800km mission over to Cambodia when I first got it and has never missed a beat. If you want honest friendly advice on what is best suited for your purpose, pop in and have a chat with Trevor he will be sure to find something that suits you.

December 23 2016

Anthony Wandell

Just picked up a bike from Trevor and been totally satisfied with everything. With a bike racing background and solid knowledge of Vietnam traffic, rules and regulations, Trevor was able to answer all my questions and put me on a scooter I'm very pleased with. Did a fair bit of research once I'd (nearly) made up my mind to compare prices and Trevor's price was completely in line with what I'd expect to pay - considering what's in the market. The only trick to know is that there is a cafe at the front of the bike shop - you can't see the bikes from the street but if you walk into the cafe Trevor will either be there or someone will call him.

December 20 2016

Richard Cowley

Really nice and helpfull owener and his wife. It is nice to have somebody on phone support :D

November 29 2016

Daniela Niebauerová

Buying a bike in Saigon can be a nightmare if you don't know where to go/ who to talk too. Bought two Yamaha Nuovo 4's of Trevor and they took us pretty much everywhere Vietnam has to offer without a single visit to a repair shop. Amazing bikes. And from what I can see at a VERY good price. Talk to this man and buy a proper bike!!!!!! Cheers mate top notch

November 26 2016

Sam Lee

I bought awesome Yamaha Scooter in this shop. I really enjoyed and "no problem" drive Saigon to Hanoi ;-) (sold in Hanoi I really miss this bike ;-( ) Thank you very much for your help n service!!

July 07 2016

Masato Namura

I asked for a small automatic and I got a little rocket. I really enjoy it. Very helpful and nice people

June 08 2016

Laura Tool

5 star

July 2014

Stephen Ulph

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