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Sai Gon - Nha Trang

$375* USD. Honda XR 150L (full manual)

$325* USD. Honda 125ccFi (semi-auto)

Prices include:

  • Trevor Long as guide

  • Extra guide on numbers

  • Motorcycle hire

  • Motorcycle maintenance

  • Motorcycle transfers

  • LS2 Pioneer touring helmet

  • Fuel

  • Tour polo shirt

Monday, July 1st

Saigon - Cat Tien

Aim for a 10 AM departure. Nice and easy out of the city once the traffics eased off. Got a great lunch spot lakeside at Tri An and then on to one of my favourite overnight accommodation stops in Cat Tien. Wooden cabins over the river hosted by a great Vietnamese family. Foods good, beers are cold but not too many. You don't want to miss the dawn here.


Tuesday, July 2nd 

Cat Tien - Lagi

The roads less traveled today and always where we can. Swimmers under your riding gear as we will stop by a waterfall for lunch and a swim. Aim to get into our beach stop in time for sundowners. The sunset is generally quite special.


Wednesday, July 3rd

Lagi - Phan Rang

Early morning swim or a bullock wagon ride up the beach before breakfast. Today is pretty much all coast roads and some are spectacular. Few great photo opportunities along the way too. Nice new hotel stay near the beach and short walk to great food and hospitality from ex Thao Dien Kiwi, Sam Jeffries at the Cuban Bar and Grill.


Thursday, July 4th

Phan Rang - Dalat

By this time those a little rusty on the bike should be feeling more confident and you'll need to be. This ride is one of my local favourites. Winding mountain roads that we climb to around 1,500 metres. Lots of accommodation options in Dalat and a chance to do your own thing if you wish or hang with us at a couple of longtime favourite spots.


Friday, July 5th

Dalat - Nha Trang

Breakfast is hosted by Lorelle Champion at One More Cafe followed by another great mountain ride. This time a decent. Two options here and dependant on weather we'll decide at the time. If the weather is fine a great beach stop along the way also.


Saturday, July 6th 

Free Day Some may choose to leave the ride at this point and others join for the next leg to DaNang. In any case it's a day to relax at the beacb, get a massage, do some sight seeing etc. If you are continuing on to DaNang and want to use the bike that's fine. Free Days are not charged in your tour so expenses are your own.

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*Prices do not include Food, beverage & accommodation. As a group, we stay in clean, cheap accommodation generally around $10-$15 a night. As a group, we have local food mostly as that is all that is on offer outside of cities. Expect $1-$3 a meal. In cities, more expensive options will be available of course. Personal connections, entrance fees etc also not included.
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