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By booking a tour or service from ‘Saigon Motorcycles’, it is acknowledged that the customer / participant has read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions. A contract is formed between ‘Saigon Motorcycles’ and the customer / participant upon receipt of a completed 'Booking Form' along with payment of a deposit for the tour.


  1. The operator

    1. For the purpose of this document, ‘Saigon Motorcycles’, it’s staff, subcontractors, agents and representatives may be referred to as ‘us’ or ‘we’.

    2. Tours are arranged by ‘Saigon Motorcycles’. It is accepted that we may use one or multiple operators to fulfill different aspects of the tour including accommodation, motorcycle hire, guides and various attractions as part of the tour.These services will be supplied by independent companies with their own terms and conditions.

    3. ‘Saigon Motorcycles’ reserves the right to decline a customer’s booking if we feel the customer is unsuitable or unable to participate in a tour.

  2. Payment and inclusions:

    1. To book a tour, a 20% deposit is required. Full payment is required 30 days prior to the start of the tour.

    2. If a tour is cancelled, a refund is available, less a US$100 cancellation fee, if notice is given in writing at least 30 days prior to the start of the tour. If a tour is cancelled with less than 30 days notice, refund is only available at the discretion of ‘Saigon Motorcycles’.

    3. The cost of the tour includes motorcycle rental or the cost of riding pillion with a guide (as per invoice), fuel, your guide/s, accommodation, entry fees, permits, ferries, tolls, transport costs and three meals per day.

    4. The cost of the tour does not include transport costs to and from the start of the tour or accommodation before and after the tour, unless stated on your itinerary

    5. We do not include drinks or meals, excursions or activities outside of the description of the tour and ‘what’s included’ on our website. Purchase of these is at the cost of the individual.

  3. Responsibility of the customer / participant

    1. The customer must evaluate their own riding ability, level of fitness and suitability to participate in a tour.

    2. The customer must inform ‘Saigon Motorcycles’ of any dietary requirements, medical conditions, medication or illness that may affect their ability to participate in a tour, endanger themselves or others or affect their ability to control a motorbike safely.

    3. Our tours often visit areas that see very little tourism. These areas may be culturally, historically or religiously sensitive. Customers are required at all times to behave appropriately, respect local traditions / customs and moderate their behaviour if directed by their guide / tour leader. Failure to do so can result in the cancellation of the tour.

    4. The customer accepts that travel into remote areas and riding a motorcycle may potentially be a dangerous activity. Medical facilities and access to treatment may be limited. The participant / customer fully accepts all the associated risks and indemnifies ‘Saigon Motorcycles’, it’s employees, agents and operatives against any claims for death, loss or injury.

    5. The customer is ultimately responsible for their welfare and accepts all the risks associated with travel in a foreign country and participation in activities that may be dangerous.

    6. The customer agrees to abide by Vietnamese law including road rules and regulations while participating in our tours. All fines, costs and penalties will be paid by the customer.

    7. It is the customer’s responsibility to have the relevant motorcycle licence and international driving licence to ride legally in Vietnam.

    8. Medical / travel insurance is essential. Your insurer’s contact details must be supplied to ‘Saigon Motorcycles’ prior to the commencement of a tour

    1. Changes to the tour

      1. Occasionally changes are required due to unforeseen circumstances. These include but are not limited to weather, political events, civil unrest, natural disasters and others causes not mentioned. Should the tour be changed, an alternative route will be provided. No refund is available under these circumstances.

      2. The tour leader / guide may at their discretion change the route of a tour to suit a group’s particular interests if they feel that this would give the customer a better experience. This will be discussed with the customers if it is felt to be in their interest and increase their enjoyment of the tour.

      3. The tour leader / guide may cancel or shorten the tour if a customer’s behaviour is deemed inappropriate or offensive. This may include but is not limited to the use of illegal drugs, excessive  alcohol consumption, offensive or illegal sexual behaviour, violence or any inappropriate behaviour.

  4. Vehicle Rental:

    1. The cost of hiring the motorbike is included in the cost quoted for the tour. If a customer wishes to exchange the bike supplied for a different capacity or style, then they shall bear any difference in price.

    2. The customer is entirely responsible for the safekeeping and condition of their motorbike outside of the bounds of normal wear (stone chips, punctures, normal usage, etc.). No responsibility will be taken by ‘Saigon Motorcycles’ or its agents.

    3. In the event of an accident / theft, the customer shall be responsible for the cost of the relevant insurance excess. This is typically US$1000 but may vary according to the type of motorbike that has been hired. Confirmation of the exact cost can be provided prior to the tour based on the type and capacity of the motorcycle hired.

    4. If the customer is found to be at fault through drug or alcohol use, driving dangerously or similar, then they shall be responsible for the complete cost of repair or replacement of the motorbike.

    5. Should any repairs be necessary, they shall only be carried out with the authorisation of the tour leader / guide.

    6. If the motorbike should need to be replaced during a tour due to mechanical failure, then a substitute will be organised that is as close to the same specifications as possible. If a similar motorbike isn’t available then another will be supplied and a refund given if appropriate at our discretion.

  5. Liability

    1. We accept no liability for services or goods provided by third parties. We make every effort to use reputable and quality companies, however the operation of that company is ultimately beyond our control. If an issue arises, we will endeavour to facilitate a reasonable and satisfactory outcome but the final outcome is the responsibility of the company supplying the service or goods and the customer. No reimbursement will be provided by ‘Saigon Motorcycles’.

    2. We accept no liability for the loss of goods or personal effects while participating in our tours.

    3. By paying for a tour and completing a ‘booking’ form, the customer agrees to all the terms and conditions as outlined here. ‘Saigon Motorcycles’ and it’s agents accept no liability for injury or loss of life and the customer fully understands and accepts the inherent dangers of participating in a motorcycle tour in a foreign country.

    4. We accept no liability for loss due to natural disaster, climatic event, political event, war, revolution or any other unforeseen event beyond our control.

  6. Medical emergency

    1. The customer / participant acknowledges that facilities and treatment may be limited in some remote areas on our tours. By joining our tours, ‘Saigon Motorcycles’ and it’s agents are authorised to arrange whatever medical assistance, treatment or evacuation procedure is deemed necessary to ensure the welfare of the customer in the event of accident or sickness

    2. The cost of medical assistance and associated expenses will be born by the customer / the customer’s insurer in the event of accident / sickness.

    3. Medical insurance is essential. The customer acknowledges that they have arranged suitable insurance for motorcycle travel in the relevant destination.

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