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- On this one, I've included some of my favourite coastal and mountain stretches rolled into just five great riding days.


- Night stops are as diverse as the riding, on the river, on the beach, in the mountains.


- Swimming opportunities in a beautiful waterfall, pool or beach and that's just day two.


- The social side is pretty good too. As it's close to my base in Saigon I've traveled these roads for many years and met some great characters along the way to introduce you to.




Monday, July 1st - Saturday, July 6th


If you've not experienced riding out of the city in Vietnam this is a great first ride. Early days are simple building to exceptional mountain riding all on sealed roads. Suitable for our full manual or semi-automatic motorcycles.



Sai GOn - Nha Trang

Nha Trang - Da Nang

Sunday, July 7th - Thursday, July 11th

If you have a love for Vietnam's beautiful coastline, this is the one for you.

- Visit one of Vietnams greatest engineering achievements and becoming an international tourist attraction Ba Na Hills.


- Ride the worlds highest elevation climb, cable car over 5km and walk The Golden Hands Bridge.

Da Nang - Ha NOi

Friday, July 12th - Friday, July 19th

This is a real riders tour. Some days will be a little longer than normal as we will be quite isolated in mountain country where services, accommodation, in particular, are distances apart.

- We ride the famous Hai Van Pass and in the words of Robin Williams in the movie blockbuster, Good Morning Vietnam, follow the Ho Chi Minh Trail.


- We visit Phong Nha botanic gardens and explore the beauty of the caves and waterways in the Ninh Binh province.

- If you love mountain riding but not looking for anything too technical this is the tour for you.

Ha NOi - Ha Noi

Ha NOi - Ha Noi

Sunday, July 21st - Monday, August 4th

This engaging ride of Northern Vietnam includes some of the countries best roads and mountain paths.

- An opportunity to challenge yourself to "The Dinosaur Spine". A bucket list ride for any adventure motorcyclist globally.


- Ride what we've named the Meo Vac Pass. A system of concrete paths around mountain edges from which the views are stunning.


- Ride among Vietnam's famous terraced rice fields and see the timeless beauty of the bullock teams at work.

- Swim in the pristine waters of rivers, lakes and waterfalls in this incredible mountain country.

​- Experience the hospitality of the local mountain people that we encounter well off the tourist route.